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          Source:國家醫學考試網   Date:2013-12-01

          Main Responsibilities

          Examination Service

          Communication and Cooperation

          Contact NMEC

          Law of the People's Republic of China on Medical Practitioners

          NMEC in General

          National Medical Examination Center (NMEC) was founded in 1985 and lies on the Kunyu River in Haidian District, Beijing. Being an affiliated unit to Ministry of Health, NMEC serves as the examination organization in the health field and it is one of the earliest professional test centers in the whole country.NMEC holds approximately 40 staff and is dedicated in ensuring people’s health with high quality tests.

          Main Responsibilities

          1.To administrate,under the supervision of Ministry of Health and its Medical Licensing Examination Council, various national medical examinations according to related laws, regulationsand rules.

          2.To be in charge ofstructure design, item development, data management and science research foradministrated examinations.

          3.To carry out medical qualification tests for foreigners applying work in the health field.

          4.To participate in institutional construction, standard establishment and policy research of medical tests, and to provide necessary guidance for provincial medical examinationorganizations.

          5.To organize and coordinate scientific research, staff training, reference book compilation and item bank construction for national medical tests.

          6.To organize national and international academic exchange and cooperation in medical examination field.

          7.To provide test service for health authorities of various levels.

          8.To provide test service authorized by organizations both at home and abroad.

          Examination Service

          NMEC is responsible for National Medical Licensing Examination (NMLE) on guideline development, item development, test administration, scoring, standard setting, psychometric analysis and information technology application. In 1998, China enacted her Law on Licensed Physician and the nationwide NMLE. NMLE is divided into a Clinical Skill test (CS) and a General Written test (GW). Only by passing CS can candidates apply for GW. Candidates are not permitted to practice medicine until they have passed both tests in the same year and applied for license registration. CS usually takes place in July and GW in September.

          Other service includes Medical Postgraduate Entrance Examination, Training and Assessment for Blood Picking and SupplyingStaff, National Unified Foreign Language Ability Test for Medical Doctors, National Foreign Language Proficiency Test in Health Field (LPT), English Test for Reserved Personnel of International Organizations and Basic Knowledge Test for International Ophthalmology.

          The number of examinees applying for all services exceeds a million every year.

          Communication and Cooperation

          NMEC is stay in Exchange and Cooperation with various international organizations.

          Donald Melnick, President of National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) visited NMEC twice in 2002 and 2006 with his delegation to introduce medical education and licensing examination in the US. Three fellows from NMEC have finished their fellowship program in NBME by July 2008. Staff from NBME visited NMEC in July 2008 and gave presentation on item development, standard setting and test security. They also observed NMLE Clinical Skill test in Beijing.

          NMEC delegation participated in the Association of Test Publishers 2008 annual meeting in Dallas, Texas. Several delegations have been sent to the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia to communicate with local medical examiners.

          NMEC will carry on her reform and opening-up policy. We her at NMEC are dedicated to communicate with international organizations to boost global medical examinations development. We are also ready with our experience and endeavor to provide first class examination services.

          Contact NMEC

          Mr. FENG Pan, Foreign Affairs Assistant

          General Office, China National Medical Examination Center

          NO.3, Huoqiying Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100097

          P. R. China

          Tel: 86-10-59935025

          Fax: 86-10-59935026

          Email: nmeczhc@163.com

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